Horn nail Screw


45cmx 52cm

Horn nail, horny nail, nail horn

A painting made with the rust of nails and screws combined with the rust of the waist of a disused coal mine.

My thinking about this painting is the dynamic between an interlay of playing with the words of a thing and then using that thing to paint that thing .- the thing, in this case, being a nail -.

A nail is a small object that force is applied to that enters a wall, piece of wood or material to hold something together.

A screw has a similar principle but guiding ridges which promote rotation, a spinning motion around a point entering an object with more security than a nail.

The blank, empty space of a canvas speaks for my love of linen. A large expanse. A drum-tight canvas. I am interested in playing with visual layers, plains of existence, a visual trickery of what something actually is or isn’t, and a blurring of what becomes the background and foreground, what is painted, and what is authentic.